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 *New This Year* SCSA is proud to partner with Everest Training Centres to offer a Strength and Conditioning Program. This program will occur before our District Prospect Centre on Friday evenings. 

Block 1 will include:

  • General Adaptation
  • Aerobic/anaerobic conditioning base
  • Core and mobility
  • Strength components
  • Running and cutting technique

Block 2 will include:

  • Aerobic/anaerobic training
  • Strength components
  • Agility and coordination
  • Power conversion
  • Core and mobility

 * All athletes will receive a supplementary strength and conditioning program to perform independently with tracking logs for all players to complete. This approach promotes accountability and allows coaches and parents to stay informed and monitor progress.


Block 1 (6 sessions): $100
Block 2 (4 sessions): $65
*BEST Value* Full Session (10 sessions): $140 
Strength and Conditioning is open to all players in Winnipeg and the St. Charles Soccer District, Recreational, Premier & Developmental

Friday’s 6:30pm – 7:30pm
LocationSturgeon Fields  (1160 Sturgeon Road)

Block One:
May 10, 17, 24
June 7, 14, 21

Block Two:
July 5, 12
August 9, 16

Full District Prospects Centre & Full Strength and Conditioning = $245
*BEST Value – 22.5 hrs of training for under $11 per session*

NOTE: Players U15 and up - if 8 or more players register within this age group, we will offer an offsite training program for this group. This is optional for this age group.

Content: The emphasis will be on developing athletic technique. Once good technique and conditioning is developed, we will work on a strength and agility phase which will then transfer over to power.


Online Registration Link Now Open


About Everest Training Centres


Everybody, every day!

 Everest Training Centers was founded in 2004 to help individuals achieve their personal fitness and health goals. Everest owner, Ryan Stewart, saw a gap in the marketplace and endeavoured to deliver a comprehensive training experience that includes fitness, education, and nutrition. The result is Everest Training Centres; offering personal training, group training classes, youth fitness classes, and development programs for teams looking to take their performance to another level.


All programming is dynamic and designed to maximize time and results. Through fitness, education, inspiration, and constant guidance, Everest trainers give clients the tools they need to live in a healthier lifestyle and perform at their peak ability.

 Everest is pleased to offer the following services:

Sport specific training| Personal training & group fitness | Fitness programming for kids and youth | Education | Athletic development | Nutrition & supplementation | Gym design & layout | Program Building | Health related fitness appraisals | Fitness equipment curation

Ryan Stewart

 Ryan Stewart is one of Winnipeg’s premier fitness experts, with more than 15 years experience owning and operating a personal training studio. He holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science degree from the University of Manitoba, is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association), a Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (University of Manitoba), and is a Certified Fitness Appraiser (University of Manitoba / Manitoba Fitness Council).

 Ryan has trained thousands of clients during his career including individuals of all age groups, athletic abilities, and developmental stages. He has honed experience in physical rehab and exercise modification, allowing inclusion for everyone within his programming.

 Coming from a strong background in sport, Ryan is passionate about athletics and understands how athletes move and think. He provides valuable insight, strengthening, and conditioning to help players achieve increased physical excellence and take their performance to the next level.


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