St. Charles Soccer Association Referee Information

Check ArbiterSports first then phone regarding all District game assignment information.

Email through ArbiterSports first then phone regarding any difficulties at the games or with any questions about rules.

Cancellation Procedures 

Check ArbiterSports first then St. Charles Soccer Website

If games are to be cancelled due to bad weather, it will be announced on CJOB. If you have a question as to whether the game you have been assigned is on or not, you should listen to CJOB. at 4:38 & 5:38 P.M.  

If you are still unsure call your referee assignor, otherwise go to the game.

If you do not show up to referee a game you will not be paid and disciplinary action may result and your certification could be revoked.


        Division                               Playing Time                        Ball Size 

        U9&10 (6 aside)                  2   x   15 min plus practice         4

        U9&10DL (6 aside)             2   x   30 min                              4

        U11, U12 (9 aside)              2   x   30 min                              4    

        U13, U14                             2   x   35 min                              5

        U15, U16                             2   x   40 min                              5

        U17, U18, U19                     2   x   45 min                              5   


Only designated play-off games involve overtime.  Check the WYSA site info on refereeing, severe weather, etc,.

Before you leave for a game you should be wearing your referee jersey, shorts and socks and soccer shoes or black runners

Plan to arrive at the field at least 20 MINUTES before start time.

Take the following items

  • your rulebook
  • game sheet
  • clipboard
  • whistles
  • watch or stopwatch
  • flags
  • pad & pen or pencil
  • coin
  • large garbage bag for rainy days 

NOTE:   If you look the part, it's guaranteed your referring experience will be more enjoyable than if you do not look professional.


Payment:  For your efforts, you will be paid as follows:

DIVISION                    RATE

U9 &10                          $18

U9&10 DL                     $20

U11, U12                       $22

U11&12DL, Mentor       $25

U13, U14                      $30

U15, U16                      $32

U17, U18                      $35