Published Sunday, November 4, 2018

Positions up for determination this Annual General Meeting are:  President, First Vice-President, Registrar, Uniform & Equipment Manager & SC Force Convenor.  If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please e-mail Nicole ( with a CC to Michael Hayward (  If you have questions about any of the positions up for determination, any board member of the SCSA can provide answers.

Below is the excerpt from our bylaws on each position.

2.1. President

      2.1.1. Chairs the Executive meetings, meetings of the Board, and the annual general meetings.

      2.1.2. Attends the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (hereinafter called the W.Y.S.A) meetings as a representative of the District.

      2.1.3. Attends the Manitoba Soccer Association (hereinafter called the M.S.A) semi-annual and annual meetings as the District representative.

      2.1.4. Provides general supervision of the business affairs of the Association subject to the authority of the Board.

      2.1.5. Monitors and oversees all District activities

      2.1.6. Reports to the District on the activities of W.Y.S.A. and the M.S.A.

      2.1.7. Delivers reports to the Board from any executive members absent from the Board meetings.

      2.1.8. Acts as a signing officer for the District.

      2.1.9. Shall not act in the capacity of coach, assistant coach, manager, or in any other team official capacity within the District developmental league or premier programs.

      2.1.10. Shall not cast a vote unless there is a tie.

2.2. First Vice President

      2.2.1. Attends the W.Y.S.A meetings as a representative of the District.

      2.2.2. Carries out the duties of the President in the Presidents absence.

      2.2.3. Chairs the Appeal Committee.

      2.2.4. Acts as District incident investigator and disciplinarian.

      2.2.5. Acts as a signing officer for the District

2.7. Registrar

      2.7.1. Distributes all registration material to Community Centre/Area Association representatives.

      2.7.2. Maintains current records of players, teams, and clubs of the District.

      2.7.3. Supplies current team registration to W.Y.S.A., complying with any W.Y.S.A requirements.

      2.7.4. Attends and directs all District registration sessions.

      2.7.5. Enforces all player and team registration requirements and reports any irregularities to the Executive.

      2.7.6. Oversees that the Administrative Assistant maintains all coaches’ cards for the District and player cards for the Developmental and Premier program.

      2.7.7. Ensures compliance with the Canadian Soccer Association Child Protection Policy. Manages coach qualifications as set by governing bodies from time to time including, as of the date of this by- law, Canadian Police Information Centre searches (known as CPIC), Child Abuse Registry searches (known as CAR) and Respect in Sport designations (known as RIS), including managing the District records of coach qualifications.

2.9. Uniform & Equipment Manager & Developmental and Premier Convenor

      2.9.1. Responsible for all ordering of equipment, uniforms, coach’s gear, merchandise and pride wear for applicable programs.

      2.9.2. Responsible for approving any merchandise bearing the Force Logo to ensure the integrity of our brand

      2.9.3. Communicates with the team managers for uniform needs, distribution and collecting of uniform fees due.

      2.9.4. Keeps accurate inventory of all supplies coming and going from the club, orders replenishment stock when needed, working with the treasurer on budgetary requirements.

      2.9.5 All requests for equipment, uniform’s, coach’s gear and pride wear go through the equipment manager for better inventory and cost control.

      2.9.6. Main contact for our Vendors for ordering and questions.

      2.9.7. Responsible to oversee the administration of Premier and Developmental soccer within the District.

      2.9.8. Chairs the Premier and Developmental Committees as established by the SCSA board.

      2.9.9. Oversees team managers and acts as a resource for them.

      2.9.10. Advises appropriate Community Centre/Area Association representatives of all released players from the Premier or Developmental Program.

      2.9.11. Assist the Technical Director & Administrative Assistant with all communication issues relating to Premier and Developmental division.

      2.9.12. Ensure coaches and managers have a full understanding of the District program as well WYSA Rules and Regulations.

      2.9.13. Shall not act in the capacity of coach, assistant coach, manager, or in any other team official capacity within the District developmental league or premier program.