Referee Liason

Thank you for volunteering to be your team's referee liaison. This is an important, successful and continuing initiative by WYSA in an attempt to curb referee abuse by some parents and coaches. Although you do not have any special privileges regarding communicating with the referee you are, by volunteering, providing a valuable service to the youth soccer community, which is very much appreciated.

The following is a guide to your responsibilities:

  • If possible, please introduce yourself to the referee prior to the start of the game and tell them that you are here to help them if they require it
  • Please wear the identifying yellow (or white) armband provided by your team
  • Locate yourself on the spectator side of the field on your team's™ side of halfway
  • Monitor the behavior of your team's spectators
  • Be visible at half time and full time by walking onto the field with your fellow liaison from the other team if you feel that this is necessary
  • Be ready to walk towards the referee and assist them if needed if he/she is being confronted by any individual (not applicable indoor)
  • Quickly diffuse potential problems before they arise by either being visible or calmly speaking with the individual(s) involved associated with your team
  • Deal with, and act on, inappropriate comments, gestures and/or general unsporting behavior directed at the referee, players or any other individual by your team's spectators or coaches but please avoid getting into a confrontation
  • If you think it is necessary submit a brief report in writing of any incident that you feel the WYSA should be aware of involving inappropriate behavior by ANY individual. Based on any submitted report someone from the WYSA will conduct an investigation into the incident and act accordingly

Thank you again for your help!

WYSA Directive to Referees and Coaches regarding Referee Liaisons

Referee Liaison's are required for every match as per WYSA Rules & Regulations:


7.1 Team officials are responsible for the conduct of their team members, supporters and spectators before, during and after the game. They must act to maintain sideline discipline at all times especially when requested by game officials. Failure to aid the officials will result in the abandonment of the game. The offending team will also forfeit the game and the team and/or coach may be subject to disciplinary action.

7.2 Each coach should acquire their Referee Liaison before the scheduled kick-off time and have them introduce themselves to the referee before going to the spectator side.

7.3 Referee Liaison's must have their names and "RL" stated on the game sheet and be identifiable by wearing the yellow (or white) RL band on their arm.

7.4 Referee Liaison'™s will assist the referee when asked to do so. The Referee Liaison's job is to control the behavior of their own spectators, warning them politely to stop any misbehavior. They should not confront the spectators from the opposition, but submit a report to WYSA if they witness any serious improper conduct from them.

7.5 The RL does not have any special privileges regarding communication with the Referee.

7.6 Playing time will not be extended in order to acquire a Referee Liaison.

7.7 Instructions to referees.

A referee may not start a match until both teams provide a Referee Liaison.

Teams have up to five (5) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time to provide a Referee Liaison.

If one team or neither team provides a Referee Liaison with-in the stipulated time allowed the referee will abandon the match and submit a report to WYSA. Unless there is a very good reason, as determined by WYSA, the non-complying team(s) will default the match.