Technical Staff

SCSA Technical Director

Tonya Derkson - National B Licence

Tonya is a National B Licence Coach, she has been coaching soccer for 15+ years within the Winnipeg Soccer Community. She got her start coaching at a young age due to a knee injury and began coaching at a local Private Academy and transitioned to coaching within the Manitoba Provincial Soccer Program and volunteer coaching at one of the local Cubs. She worked at the Manitoba Soccer Association as the Technical Programs Coordinator and coached within the National Development Centre. In September 2014 she would accept the role of Assistant Technical Director at Bonivital Soccer Club. She has represented Manitoba coaching on many different levels, Manitoba All-Stars, Provincials, MB REX Program and Club Nationals. Tonya is an LTPD Master Learning Facilitator, has FIFA Grassroots Festival training and her Coerver Youth Diploma.

Tonya holds a College Certificate for Medical Administration as well is currently in Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg. 



SCSA Tecnical Programs Coordinator

Raff Cantafio (Technical Programs Coordinator) – National A Licence Trained

Raff is a National A licensed trained coach who has been involved within the Manitoba Soccer community as a player, coach and administrator for over 30 years. Raff is currently Assistant Coach of the WSA Premier Development Men’s team and head coach of the WSA Men’s Premier team in the MMSL. He was a Head Coach with the Manitoba Provincial Program and has coached within the local districts and represented Manitoba at Club Nationals many times.



Gabby McMillan (Program Coordinator) 

Gabby is former PTSC, SC Force, and FCNW defender. She played 3 years of High School soccer with College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. Gabby is a liaison between the acting TD Raff Cantafio and the SCSA Force program and Recreational programming. 



Hailey Green (Staff Coach) – C Licensed Trained

Hailey is a former PTSC & SC Force Goal Keeper, she played 4 years of soccer with her High School team at College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. She has been coaching mini for the past couple of seasons as well coaches with our Recreational and Intro to Goal Keeping academies.

Hailey coaches with our 2007 SC Force girls and continues to pursue her coaching levels.


Raph Ohin (Staff Coach) - C Licensed Trained

Raph is an international athlete who landed in Winnipeg and currently is playing for the WSA PDL Men’s team. He recently had a trial with Toronto FC (MLS). Raph is supporting our Inner-City Programs and is coaching within our Academy Programming.


Muuxi Adam (Staff Coach) – LTPD Certificate

Muuxi has coached within the Winnipeg youth soccer community for many years. He has previously worked within the IRCOM program and obtained his full Long-Term Player Certificate. Muuxi is currently coaching with our Mini Program and continuously is bringing his passion and energy to the pitch.


Janna Kinnarath (Inner City Coordinator & Staff Coach) – LTPD Trained

Janna is a former PTSC player who recently played with the Brandon University Women’s team. She is currently playing for the WSA Women’s Premier team here in Winnipeg. Janna has coaching experience with the Brandon Youth Soccer Program. She is currently working with our Inner City Programming, providing coaching support to programs such as IRCOM, Newcomers Program & Boys and Girls Club. She also is coaching within our Academy and Camp Programming


Ameer Kinnarath (Staff Coach) – LTPD Trained

Ameer is a former PTSC Player who is finishing off his youth years over at FCNW. He attended the Manitoba National Development Centre for majority of his youth playing career. He is currently coaching with our Academy Programs and Camp Programming.